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Frequently Asked Questions!

1. What is a Hidden Hitch?
Answer: It is a hitch that has few external parts, and has a plate and ball that can be removed when not needed.
* A hidden hitch is not possible for all applications or motorcycles, because of space limitations or accessories....

2. What is a Visible Hitch?
Answer: It is a hitch that has a loop going from about the footpegs back to the rear and the ball and hitch is always visible....
Visible Hitch example: .............................Hidden Hitch example:

Visible Hitch Hidden Hitch example

HItchDoc Hitch

* From Denray Hitches:
Do not exceed the weight limit suggested by the manufacturer (bike and trailer). Each Denray trailer hitch has a maximum load capacity of 50 pounds “Tongue Weight” (on the ball).
* The weight on the tongue shall not exceed 10% of the weight of the trailer (including all that it contains).
* = 500 lbs. Maximum Towing Capacity

* From HitchDoc Hitches:

Do not exceed the motorcycle manufacturer's Gross Vehicle weight limit when loading and pulling ANY trailer with ANY motorcycle. ALL HitchDoc motorcycle trailer hitches have a MAXIMUM tongue weight load of 40 pounds. Tongue weight must NEVER EXCEED 10% of the GROSS TRAILER weight including ALL CONTENTS AND CARGO.
Motorcycle performance is always effected by adding a trailer to a motorcycle. Always ride in a conservative and safety conscience manner when towing a trailer with a motorcycle.

  1. Allow extra distance for acceleration and braking when pulling a trailer.
  2. Always decrease from normal cornering speeds when pulling a trailer with a motorcycle.
  3. When riding in groups with a motorcycle trailer, always ride at the rear of the group to minimize group accident exposure.
  4. Never exceed motorcycle manufacture, trailer manufacturer, or hitch manufacturer's limits for gross weight or tongue weight.
  5. Never exceed posted speed limits for vehicles when pulling trailers which can be different than non-towing vehicles.
  6. Many states exclude, by law, vehicles towing trailers from the left hand, or so called fast lanes.
  7. Always use approved safety chains, and have them securely attached. Cross the safety chains under the tongue of the trailer so that the tongue will not drop to the road if it becomes separated from the hitch. Always leave just enough slack so that you can turn with your rig. And, never allow safety chains to drag on the ground.
  8. Trailer tire pressure should be inflated to maximum allowable pressure, unless otherwise recommended by the trailer manufacturer. Rear motorcycle tire pressure should be inflated to maximum allowable pressure (refer to tire side wall marking) and checked periodically.
  9. Towing a trailer required a certain amount of experience. After loading the trailer, weigh the trailer and then the tongue separately, to see if the weights are proper.
  10. If trailer sways or bounces while towing, SLOW DOWN BY REDUCING SPEED GRADUALLY and STOP TOWING immediately. Unless cause can be determined, i.e. shifted load, low tire pressure, etc., which can be corrected, do not resume towing.

* General Safety note:
* Most Hitches are made for a Maximum of 500 lbs. Towing Capacity.  
* Some people pull campers that are over that weight..

* Remember, it’s not what your bike can pull, it’s what you can safely stop?
Before you use your trailer for the first time, and before you go on every trip, always check to make sure everything is set to go.

  • Check that all nuts and bolts are tightened securely.
  • Check the air pressure in the tires, (Motorcycle & Trailer) & set to recommendations.
  • Check that the trailer coupler is tightened securely
  • Check that safety chains are in place.
  • Check that you have balanced the load [ * before and after the axle ] so the tongue weight is between 14 and 20 lbs.
    (* or if there is a motorcycle manufacturer suggested setting)
  • Do not overload the trailer.
  • Always obey all road regulations and laws.
  • Remember, you are pulling a trailer, and allow extra room for all maneuvers & stopping.
  • Do all of your Braking while the motorcycle is going straight,* before turns and not leaning in turns.
    {Emergency braking in turns can be dangerous}

Thank you!


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